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1957 GAZ 21 - Volga

1st Synners
Over 100,000 kilometers (62,000 miles) in 4 years WITHOUT OIL CHANGES !!!
SynLube™ made it possible.

1957 GAZ 21 - Volga and 1956 FIAT 600

Two "official" test cars 1957 GAZ VOLGA and 1958 FIAT 600, used in Czechoslovakia

(Volga) Synner since 500 odo kilometers on May 1, 1957

Following !-- SynLube --> SynLube™ products were used:


No oil changes were made during the 4 years of operation on SynLube™
Oil Filter was replaced every 10,000 kilometers.

Oil Consumption

The average motor oil consumption was about 1 Liter per 1,000 km on SynLube™
This was considerably better than factory specification of 1.4 Liters per 1,000 km (418 MPQ) on SAE 40 motor oil.

Additional Information

This Russian made car was one of the first "test cars" into which SynLube™ Universal Oil was installed in Europe in 1957.

The same lubricant was also used in the 3-speed manual transmission and in the differential.

The SynLube™ lubricants were installed at first oil change when all OEM oils were drained after initial 500 km break-in period.

The car was operated for over 100,000 km without oil changes!

The vehicle was sold in 1962 in Czechoslovakia where it was licensed.
The SynLube™ lubricants were at that time still a "top secret" and in "experimental stage" so all the lubricants were replaced with conventional oils, before the car was sold to the new owner.

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