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150,000 miles without Oil Changes?

SynLube™ Lube−4−Life®
100% Synthetic Colloidal Lubricants make it possible!

November 26, 1998 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Can you drive a brand new vehicle for 150,000 miles,
without any Oil Changes?
If you'd tried that with conventional petroleum lubricants,
the answer is definitely NO!
But if you'd tried it with SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® ...for Engines
the answer is definitely YES!

The Proof:

New 1996 model KIA Sephia with 1.8 Liter DOHC engine and 5-speed manual transmission, has been operated for the first 7,500 miles on the OEM conventional petroleum lubricants (Motor Oil & Gear Oil).

This was done to establish vehicle fuel mileage baseline and wear metal per mile baseline for oil analysis purposes.

1996 KIA Sephia

1996 KIA Sephia 1.8L test car

At 7,500 miles the Motor Oil and Gear Oil was fully drained out and replaced with SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® (SAE 5W-50 Motor Oil) and SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® ...for Transmissions (SAE 70W-90 Gear Oil).
Also the conventional Oil Filter was replaced with MicroGlass™ Oil Filter.

The vehicle was then operated for 151,145 miles (936 days),
without any Oil Changes !

KIA odo @ 158K

Odometer of Kia test car on 11/26/1998

The oil lever was periodically checked.
Whenever the Motor Oil level dropped below the MIN indication on the dipstick, oil sample (4 Oz.) was removed by vacuum probe through dipstick hole, and then 1 U.S. Quart of SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® ADD OIL was added.

All oil samples were analyzed by an independent laboratory (CTC, Phoenix AZ) by Spectrochemical analysis and also the TBN & VI was tested.


Oil analysis indicated no significant engine wear over the 150,000 miles test drive. The TBN and VI remained stable through out the test.

The wear metals (by PPM) in the Motor Oil @ 150,000 miles were actually
less than in the Petroleum Motor Oil @ 7,500 miles.

Fuel economy improved by 15% from 27.38 MPG on the OEM oil
to 31.55 MPG with the SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® Oil and remained stable throughout the test.
The official US EPA Combined 1996 EPA Fuel Economy Rating for this vehicle was 28 MPG.

The average Motor Oil consumption was one U.S. Quart per 4,167 miles.
36 Quarts of ADD OIL were consumed during the test.

The Cost:

While the U.S. Retail Price for the SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® Motor Oil is $32.00 per Liter for the INITIAL FILL Formula,
and the ADD OIL Formula is $20.00 per Liter.
SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® Gear Oil is $32.00 per Liter.
And the MicroGlass™ Oil Filter is $24.00.

Total Life Cost (TLC) of conversion to SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® System:

Description Quantity Price Each $ Extension $
Motor Oil - INITIAL FILL 4 Liters $32.00 $ 128.00
Oil Filter - MicroGlass 1 Unit $24.00 $   24.00
Gear Oil 3 Liters $32.00 $   96.00
Installation Labor - Motor Oil $15.00 $   15.00
Installation Labor - Gear Oil $25.00 $   25.00
Initial COST TOTAL $ 288.00
Motor Oil - ADD OIL 35.5 Liters $20.00 $ 710.00
TOTAL COST $ 998.00

Or about $1,000 per 150,000 miles, which equals to $0.0067 per mile

Is it Economical

OK, we have established that driving 150,000 miles without any Oil Changes is possible, but is it Economical?

How much do you spend on conventional Oil Changes, if for example you utilize one of the many Quick Oil Change Outfits?

According to a 1997 survey the average price paid for  Lube & Oil Filter is $24.32. And all Quick Oil Change Outlets recommend Oil Changes every 3,000 miles for maximum vehicle service life.

That is 50 Oil Changes @ $24.32 = $1,216.00

And that is just for Motor Oil / Oil Filter & Labor.
The scheduled Transmission Oil maintenance would add up another $ 196.00

TOTAL COST = $ 1,412.00

How much $ was SAVED?

OK, just by switching to SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® Lubricants there was $316.00 saved on Oil Changes.

But, the saving goes beyond the obvious.
Remember the 15% fuel mileage improvement?

The test vehicle used 4,754.358 Gallons of fuel at average price of $1.2972 or a total of $ 6,167.35 was spent on Gasoline. (Price is the actual Price paid per Gallon of Gasoline at the Pump and includes all State & Local Taxes).

Using the same average price but the original 27.38 MPG the vehicle would have consumed of 5,478.451 Gallons of fuel at a cost of $ 7,106.64, resulting in a NET SAVING of $ 939.29, or just about the total Price paid for the use of SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® Lubricants.

Environmental SAVINGS

Although most motorists never consider the Environmental costs of
Oil Changes, it is worthy of everyone's attention.

Motorists on the average generate one Gallon of Used Motor Oil from every oil change, and of course a Used Motor Oil Filter.

That is over 750,000,000 Gallons of Used Motor Oil and 750,000,000 Used Oil Filters generated annually in the USA ! And, unfortunately only a small percentage of all this Waste is actually collected, and even smaller fraction is ever recycled!

In case of our test car, following Environmental Savings were realized:

50 Conventional Oil Changes would have generated about 3.5 Quarts of Used Oil each, that is 175 Quarts or 43.75 Gallons of Used Motor Oil.

With SynLube™  Lube−4−Life® Lubricants there was no Used Motor Oil generated - NONE - that is 43.75 Gallons of possible environmental pollution - ELIMINATED !

50 Conventional Oil Changes would have also generated 50 Used Oil Filters.

With the MicroGlass™ Oil Filter there were only 5 Used Oil Filters generated over the 151,145 miles - that is 45 Used Oil Filters that would need to be drained and then disposed of - ELIMINATED !

How about Time?

The saving goes even further, TIME . Something we never have enough of!
Spending on the average about an hour for each and every Oil Change adds up to over 50 hours over the service life of the vehicle!

With SynLube™  Lube−4−Life® System the total time spent on installation was 53 minutes. There was about a minute or two spent each time oil was checked and/or added, however since this was done during Fuel Fill Up while Gasoline was pumped, no extra additional time was needed.

Net Saving about 49 Hours, hey that's One-Week Vacation from your Job!

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