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How to Order

We receive many e-mails and phone calls asking us "how to order" or "where can I get your products".

This web page explains why we do not have "online" ordering system at this time.

First of all we want you to be 100% satisfied with all SynLube™ products that you buy!

That is why for a first time customers we do not have online ordering, as we have found out in the past that people have frequently ordered the wrong quantities, the wrong items or wrong filters for their particular applications.

To make sure that you not only receive what you "want" but actually what you "need" we prefer that initially you send us a direct e-mail to:

Please specify your application such as:

This way we can select the proper products for your particular application.

Only the most popular and basic products are listed on our web page, but we have over 120 different products, some of which may be more appropriate for use in your specific application.

Once you are our customer we have your account for each of your applications (or vehicles) listed separately in our computer system data-base and for typical re-orders such as ADD OIL, you can just leave your name and desired quantity on our 24 hour, 7 day voice mail system, which you can reach in North America by calling toll free:




Existing customers can also just send us a simple e-mail specifying their re-order.

We have found out that this method is much preferred to other on line time consuming options such as "web forms", "shopping carts" and other on-line "ordering systems", that are not always reliable with ALL browsers that are in use around the world.

Many mobile devices also do not properly support "forms".

Simple direct e-mail is the most reliable, secure and fastest way to handle re-orders.

Secure server administers this e-mail account, and it is safe for sending of all information.

Accepted Payments:

American Express DISCOVER Master Card VISA

American Express DISCOVER Master Card VISA
Credit Cards
are accepted on all direct orders.

Payment Processing:

Credit Card Charge Payments are processed by MIROX Corporation through U.S. Bank utilizing the latest Trustwave® compliance.
Your credit card and identity information are secure.

Order Processing

Most Retail Orders for single vehicle application are processed and shipped out the same day, if received before 3:00PM PST.


Our RETAIL prices have not increased since 1996 !

However the cost of shipping has more than quadrupled in that time, so unfortunately we have to charge small handling FEE on all US orders for less than $99.00

However, International shipping costs are now more than 10 times more expensive, especially to Canada, so irrespective of the size of the order, we need to charge the minimum handling fee, that actually does not even cover the actual minimum shipping costs.


FREE shipping and handling on orders over US $99.00

Flat $10.00 handling fee on orders under US $99.00

U.S. Retail Orders for single vehicle application are normally shipped by FedEx Ground Service.
For approximate shipping time estimate, click the FedEx Logo below to view detailed Map of USA.



Shipping by USPS Priority Mail.

Flat $60.00 handling fee per order on ALL orders.

ALL Other Countries

Europe, Asia, Australia, South America.

Shipping by USPS Priority Mail.

Flat $90.00 handling fee per order on ALL orders.

$99 FREE SHIPPING Same Day Shipping $0 Minimum Order
All Credit Cards Accepted