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1983 BERTONE X1/9 Speciale

ONLY ONE OIL Change since 1984   ONLY ONE OIL CHANGE !!!

1983 BERTONE X1/9 Speciale

Owner: Consulate of South Africa, Los Angeles, California USA

Synner since 1984 @ 600 odo miles

Following SynLube™ "Original Syn!" products were used:


Additional Information

This car was one of many BERTONE X1/9 sports cars sold and equipped with SynLube™ by M.I.K. Automotive, Inc. of North Hollywood, California USA from 1984 to 1989.
In 1987 the car was upgraded with Corsa Kit (as shown in photo) and subsequently exported to South Africa, where it was reported operational in November 2012 with 98,000 odo miles.