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1966 FIAT 500 - SynLube Test

Fiat 500 SynLube Test Cars
First SynLube comparison test

After 22 years of laboratory testing and development (1944-1966) the first generation of Syn! was ready for "official" real life automotive test.
Two identical FIAT 500 cars with air cooled engines were driven  for 16 hours daily in the summer of 1966 in Italy and Yugoslavia.

One car was serviced as recommended by FIAT in official FIAT authorized garages,
all maintenance inclusive of oil changes was performed.

The other car was equipped with Syn! Motor Oil, which was NEVER changed, all other maintenance was done as usual.

The second car whose engine seized at 93,275 km after steep hill climb in August 1966 near Lake Como (pictured above in background) used conventional motor oil supplied by Agip, the first car that used Syn! was then used to "rope tow" the non-running car back to Milano, Italy.

The seized engine was  beyond economical repair, while the Syn! lubed engine when disassembled at 96,000 km had only three minor engine parts worn so they would not match "new" part tolerance specifications, however all lubricated parts were within service tolerances.

The typical service life for these 1960's vintage FIAT 500 engines was generally accepted to be 60,000 km (36,000 miles) when "General Overhaul" was recommended by FIAT.

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