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1965 FORD GT 40

27 Years
SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® System makes it possible.

1965 FORD GT40

Original Owner: FORD Motor Company Race Team in FRANCE
2nd Owner: Claude Lelouch, Paris, FRANCE
3rd Owner: Jiri Pasternak, Prague, Czechoslovakia
later Hollywood, USA.

Synner since May 1966

Following SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® products were used:


Oil filter has been changed few times.

Motor Oil was changed in April 1978.

In April 1978 Following SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® products were also installed:

Additional Information

This vehicle was sold in non running condition along with slightly used 1965 FORD Mustang at auction in France in 1965, and was acquired for use in a "low-budget" movie by Claude Lelouch that later gained International fame.
The movie: "A Man and a Woman" which was finished in early 1966 was actually premiered at Prague Film Festival in 1966, where it did not receive much of a critical acclaim or any awards.
But it was a big "hit" when released for public viewing.
The car was shipped to Prague as part of the film promotion, which in no way was connected with FORD.
The car still not running was actually abandoned along with the FORD Mustang, that was more of the star in the movie than the GT 40.
Both cars were eventually acquired by Jiri Pasternak, who used the FORD Mustang engine and other parts to make the GT40 run for the first time since it was retired from racing and abandoned by FORD.
FORD in 1960 had no presence in Czechoslovakia, so no service or parts were available.

The GT40 car which was originally dark blue, had extremely poor quality "white" paint hand sprayed onto it, just for the movie shots, and while not visible in any of the few film shots, it was towed on long cable by Citroen Van during the filming.

This FORD GT40 as it appeared briefly in a movie: "A Man and a Woman".

"Retouching" of the film frames removed the barely visible tow line.
It was AFTER Mr. Pasternak completed his "Frankenstein FORD" project, both the movie and the GT40 got famous.
The FORD GT40 won many races including the famed "24 Hours of Le Mans" and the film won every major award in 1967 and 1968.
Mr. Pasternak eventually emigrated to USA and lived in Hollywood, California for many years, while his collector car collected dust in his friends garage in Vienna, Austria.
In 1977 he had the car shipped to USA, and the picture above is when he was backing the car out of 20ft shipping container in San Pedro, California.
Mr. Pasternak kept the car in storage for many more years, but decided to eventually sell it at Auction at Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas in 1993, unfortunately he died just few weeks before the auction, and the car being already registered for the auction was sold anyway by his estate.
Who actually bought the vehicle and for how much is unknown, as well as its current whereabouts.
It was Mr. Pasternak that installed the SynLube into the "used" FORD Mustang engine that was transplanted into this GT40 back in 1966.
The car in an excellent condition was sold with SynLube™ products still installed in it at the auction.
We doubt that the current owner knows about the history of this vehicle.

PS: This vehicle was originally intended for racing only and therefore had only a tachometer. It was not equipped with either speedometer, odometer or engine hour-meter, therefore the mileage and engine use are unknown.

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