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2004 FORD Focus Wagon SE

Five Years with SynLube
95,844 Miles in 2,068 Days WITHOUT OIL CHANGES !!!
SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® System makes it possible.

2004 FORD Focus Wagon SE

Owner: Karen Schmidt, North Hollywood, California USA

Synner since 8/21/2004 @ 1,507 miles

Following SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® products were used:


Oil Filter replaced at 25,000 miles; 50,000 miles and 76,000 miles

Oil Consumption

9,167 miles per Liter of ADD OIL

Additional Information

Vehicle was retired @ 97,345 odo miles on April 20, 2010 when engine (no longer under the 5 year or 100,000 mile FORD powertrain warranty) developed non-lubricant related problems, and estimated repairs by GALPIN FORD exceeded the value of the car.