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1969 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

1st Synners
297,056 miles in 26 years WITH ONLY ONE OIL CHANGE !!!
SynLube™ made it possible.

1969 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

1st owner: Harry Lynde Bradley, Naples, Florida USA

Synner since 800 odo miles on March 3, 1969

Following SynLube™ products were used:


The vehicle was operated for 126,867 miles and 11 years by the original owner without any oil changes.

The oil filter was changed every two years and the OEM Rolls−Royce filter element was used.

All Fluids were changed in January 1992 @ 136,879 miles and the Ignition System was upgraded to BOSCH High Energy Electronic system with Platinum Spark Plugs.

Oil Consumption

Motor Oil consumption over the life of this car was about 900 to 1,200 miles per Quart of Motor Oil (MPQ). This, although quite high, was typical for this car, and actually better than most V-8 engines of that vintage.

Fuel Economy

The typical Fuel Economy for this model car was 9 to 10 MPG on Premium Fuel
(100 Octane was specified by Rolls-Royce).
When converted to SynLube™ Fluids the vehicle consistently delivered 13 MPG even with A/C turned ON and was able to perform reliably on Regular Gasoline (87 Octane).

Additional Information

This was the first vehicle in the USA to use exclusively SynLube™ Functional Fluids
(Motor Oil, ATF, Differential Gear Oil and Hydraulic Fluid).

Mr. Bradley was a NASA engineer involved in the "Lunar Missions" and he bought this car for his wife in January 1969.

From 1980 to 1992 the vehicle ownership has changed 4 times, but all owners continued the use of SynLube™ in the car. (They did not drain or change it)
Over this 12 year period the car was driven only 10,012 additional miles !

In January 1992 the Rolls-Royce was acquired by SynLube Incorporated and was driven daily and used for promotional purposes as well as product deliveries.

The vehicle was "retired" in January 1995 with 297,856 original miles, when coolant caused corrosion (Conventional Coolant was used) caused engine failure.

The vehicle was sold to Tony Handler, Inc. a Salvage Yard that specializes in Rolls−Royce cars.

The Coolant caused failure of this car prompted the final development of our Cool-4-Life™ Synthetic Coolant
Unfortunately it was not available when this vehicle was new, otherwise it still might be running today!