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1968 SUBARU 360 - SynLube Test

1968 SUBARU 360

This car with two-cylinder air cooled 360 ccm two-cycle engine, which featured unique oil injection was driven from 1972 to 1986 utilizing special non-colloidal version of SynLube™ 100% Synthetic Motor Oil. Although this oil was originally designed for a four-cycle piston engines, due its low ash content, it worked just fine in this car's two-cycle engine.

When operated on conventional petroleum two-cycle motor oil, the vehicle was able to reach top speed of 68 MPH, with no modification and on the same fuel, with SynLube™ the top speed was 74 MPH.

Fuel economy improved from 33 MPG to 36.5 MPG or 10% improvement!

Typically these 360 engines needed engine overhaul about every 45,000 miles, but with SynLube™ this engine was driven for over 128,000 miles (99,000 of it with SynLube) before the had enough wear and noticeable loss of compression.

This vehicle was sold in 1986 to a car collector in Sun Valley, California USA

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