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1970 FIAT-Abarth 695 SS

1970 FIAT Abarth 695
Synner since: January 26, 1970 @ 600 odo kilometers

Two-cylinder air-cooled engine based on the famous FIAT 500 (cinquecento) rebored to 695 ccm by Abarth uses Carburetor by Weber (double 40 DCOE). Car was equipped with rare magnesium Campagnolo-Abarth 10" wheels.

This car was entered in numerous competitions in Italy, Yugoslavia, Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia from 1970 to 1972 and has 13 wins to its credit.  It was sold in 1977 to a car collector in France, he raced it again "as is" in 1992 and won two races.

Following Products were installed:

Vehicle Data

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