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1989 MORETTI Ital Turbo Uno

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Driven by: Miro Kefurt
Synner since: April 15, 1989 @ 41 odo miles

This 1989 model MORETTI Ital Turbo Uno car successfully competed in 1989 "One Lap of America Rally", finishing 4th overall.

From 1992 to 1995 this car was also driven in various SCCA events in Las Vegas region AutoX (LVRSCCA).

Following Products were installed:

Vehicle Data


Due to the high performance nature of this vehicle and the high Motor Oil operating temperatures generated by the turbo, the Motor Oil was changed every 50,000 miles.

Oil Filter was replaced every 25,000 miles

Made in USA SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® products are 100% Synthetic non-petroleum colloidal lubricants.

Yet another High-Performance racing vehicle proves that Permanent non-petroleum SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® Functional Fluids are a viable alternative to conventional petroleum based fluids, which must be periodically and frequently changed to maintain vehicle in a good operating condition.

You can contact the owner by e-mail:

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