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Ten Years
Over 136,000 Miles in 10 Years WITHOUT OIL CHANGES !!!
SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® System makes it possible.


Formerly owned by Kathy "KC" Sheahen, Redondo Beach, California USA

Synner from June 1982 @ 1,275 miles

Following SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® products were used:

Update: Retired at about @ 136,000 Miles in May 1992

Customer Statement

This vehicle was a "daily driver" from 1982 to 1992 and over 136,000 miles (220,000 Km) were accumulated without an oil change.
Eventually this vehicle, which was the ONLY "Right Hand Drive" HONDA CITY that was imported to the USA, had too many things wrong with it (mechanically) to be cost effective to fix.
When it was sold to a car collector the engine still run great and strong, but things like clutch, brakes, suspension, shock absorbers, window regulators and door locks were all worn out and needed replacement...

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