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Used Functional Fluid ( Lubricant or Coolant ) Analysis identifies the wear trends of the mechanism in which the Functional Fluid is used (Vehicle or Equipment).

This is also useful in determining the ideal service life of the Fluid, as well as to predict any preventive maintenance service (PMS).

Typically about 3 to 4 ounces of the Fluid are required for testing.

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About Oil Tests

We at SynLube Incorporated receive many e-mails with questions about oil tests performed by various laboratories, and how to interpret them.

Complete understanding of what various tests are, what equipment is used and how it functions, is essential in interpretation of the Result Values.

Without such understanding, the Result Values are just "bunch of numbers" without any real benefit to the vehicle owner.

Many Used Oil Laboratories assign arbitrary Values, which then in their reports trigger flags, like "Critical", "Caution", etc.

One has to understand that those "triggers" are not part of any specification from Automotive or Lubricant Industry or any US or International Standards organization. They are just decided on by someone at the Laboratory.

Because SynLube™Lube−4−Life® is such "different" and "unconventional" lubricant, in general the test equipment and "triggers" used for conventional liquid petroleum lubricants can not be relied on the generate any useful Result Values.

Why that is the case one needs to FIRST understand the currently utilized modern tests and the test equipment, how it works and what are the limitations of the equipment.

Links below will lead you to specific pages on our web that have more detailed explanation on specific subjects.


SynLube Incorporated has extensive experience with colloidal lubricants and of course with all SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® products, therefore we can either perform any requested or required oil analysis for our customers, or properly interpret results that are obtained from independent oil test laboratories.

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