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2001 HYUNDAI Elantra

WITHOUT Oil Change since 2009    WITHOUT OIL CHANGE !!!

2001 HYUNDAI Elantra

2nd owner: Miro Kefurt, Las Vegas, Nevada USA
current 3rd owner: Pedro Villegas, Cudahy, California USA

Synner since: 11/14/2009 @ 99,087 odo miles

Following SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® products are used:

174,209 odo miles on January 5, 2014
Car was Sold with SynLube still installed on January 4, 2014

Motor Oil Consumption:


You can contact the previous owner by e-mail:

Additional Information

This car was operated on conventional petroleum Motor Oil from new, till it was given up on by the original First owner and acquired by Miro Kefurt, CEO of SynLube Incorporated.
The car was "religiously" maintained by only HYUNDAI Dealers in New Mexico and Nevada, and Oil Changes were reportedly done about every 3,000 miles over the 99,087 original miles. $1,252.64 was spent on 30 Oil Changes that generated about 30 Gallons of Used Motor Oil !
When the car developed several problems, namely leaky water pump, 2nd Gear Synchro Grind, and worn out engine mounting, as well as leaky radiator, the owner found that NONE of those problems were covered by the famous HYUNDAI 10-year or 100,000-mile Warranty and the HYUNDAI dealer wanted over $3,200 to fix it !!!
The Original owner had maintenance and repair bills for the 8 years of ownership that were $7,662.33 for this car, which when new was just slightly over $10,000.
On a "trade-in" this car was less than worth-less, so it was acquired for "experimenting" by SynLube, as it had serious sludge build up both in engine and transmission.
While the car was regularly serviced by HYUNDAI Dealers, and items like Air Filter and Brake Pads were replaced (needlessly !!!) as often as only after 5,000 miles, the manual transmission oil was NEVER changed, and when finally drained eight years later, resembled "tar".
Well the car was completely SynLubed after replacement of the Water Pump, and is still running well today at over 75,000 miles later, however Clutch will need to be replaced.

This car was official SynLube Test Vehicle from 11/14/2009 @ 99,087 odo miles to 1/4/2014 @ 174,189 odo miles.

75,102 Syn miles in 1,512 days WITHOUT OIL CHANGE !!!