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If you have ever searched for "SynLube" on any web search you have probably found links to many comments from people who NEVER used SynLube Lube−4−Life® in their vehicles, proclaiming that SynLube is "Snake Oil", cannot possibly work, or last as long as we claim, that it is "used oil", etc..

Such posts are not at all that uncommon and are usually put up by "experts" who are self proclaimed, anonymous and basically not knowledgeable about "Synthetic Fluids" and definitely not aware of "colloids".

There are over 450 letter page equivalents of data and information posted on our website.
Only few people ever take time to read any of it.

Even fewer take the time to "understand" the "MAGIC" of SynLube that makes what "appears" impossible - very much possible !

The "MAGIC" of SynLube is already explained in some detail in our various PUBLICATIONS on our web.

In following web pages of "MAGIC NOTES" we will disclose one at a time difference between conventional lubricants (be they petroleum or synthetic) and SynLube Lube−4−Life®.

Once you understand each of these differences, then you will comprehend why SynLube is so different, and that indeed there is NO Black MAGIC, but just proper application of all Tribological aspects that affect lubrication.

In reality each of these "Magical" components or properties can be fully explained by Physics, Chemistry, Rheology and Tribology.

While each separately may be but a small step forward in Lubrication Engineering, together synergistically they are a one gigantic leap forward!

SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® CLAIMS

Here are the major claims we make and benefits of SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® :

SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® MAGIC

Here are LINKS to other pages on our web that explain the SynLube™ Lube−4−Life® MAGIC in detail:

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